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Millennials are redefining what it means to be an American adult, even going so far as to turn the word itself into a verb. "Adulting" speaks to the complicated challenges of everyday grownup life: Work. Relationships. Budgeting. Housekeeping. Childrearing.

And, of course, cooking.

This generation, whose cooking skills may not have been nurtured by a stay-at-home mom or in home economics classes, has spurred the rise of meal kit subscriptions. With all the planning, shopping and measuring of ingredients done for them, cooking together becomes not just a learning experience, but a happy, social experience as well. And as they develop confidence and pride in their new cooking skills, they’re also building positive associations around new spices and seasonings.

America’s Meal Kit Addiction

Henry Broch Foods Can Deliver

Henry Broch Foods always focused on customer convenience, has been thinking small, catering to meal kit purveyors with fresh, pre-packaged, perfectly-portioned seasonings ready to help home cooks build their flavor vocabulary.

We have the equipment and expertise to package any dry ingredient or oil in specified increments - as small as a quarter teaspoon - in environmentally friendly packaging that can be labeled according to your specifications, including white labeling.

Get Into the Popular Meal Kit Business with Henry Broch Foods

Getting into the meal kit business means having the meals people want to eat. We offer in-house recipe formulation with our in-house team. We can provide the recipes, assist with development of recipes and handle labeling, nutritional and packaging. It’s all here!

Whether you need pieces of the kit or the whole kit and caboodle – we’ve got you covered.

And yes, we do recipes too!

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