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Effective March 19, 2018 Henry Broch/APK/Acacia Spice will have an online dock appointment scheduling system for all outbound and inbound shipments. To schedule your next appointment, click on the button below and complete the requested information.


Your initial visit to the site will require some setup to establish a carrier (user) account. You can set up your information today and begin scheduling shipments, inbound or outbound, that you need for March 19 or later. If you have already scheduled an appointment for after March 19 please go to the new online system to set it up.

It is very important that you have a Henry Broch/APK/Acacia Spice purchase order or a Henry Broch/APK/Acacia Spice customer purchase order when scheduling your appointments. The carrier must also make sure the driver has this purchase order number when they arrive. When you make an appointment this is a required field of input. If this procedure is not followed you jeopardize the scheduled appointment time.

If you have questions with set up of the new online system please contact

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