Customize Your Packaging

Private Label & Co-Packing

Whether You Need a Pinch or a Ton, Henry Broch Can Get it Done.


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Let Henry Broch & Company manage the co-packing for your proprietary formulation, and take advantage of our equipment and capacity to better manage costs for:

  • Product line expansions
  • Urgent production needs

From concept to creation, we make the process easy by sourcing quality ingredients, developing custom packaging options and working with you to move your product to the market.

We can also manufacture our own product formulation and package it under your private label. Let us develop a private label formula exclusively for you…or adjust an existing formula to suit your specific needs.

Packing & Repacking

Our Capacity is Your Competitive Edge

Food manufacturers outsource their secondary packaging requirements to Henry Broch to gain important competitive advantage and operational efficiencies. Take advantage of our sizable capacity and exceptional equipment options to fulfill projects of any scope – without taking on extra staff and equipment yourself. We can pack, repack, or re-bag items into almost any sizes and types of containers: bags, drums, totes and boxes for industrial applications; a wide range of bottles, boxes and bags for food service applications; and sample/kit sizes in jars, bottles or bags.


Capture Flavor in a Bottle

When you need to bottle it up, we can pack product into bottles of any shape, size or volume–at a cost-effective price.

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Label Everyone Happy!

We can add foodservice front/back, wrap and top/bottom labels, as well as bulk ingredients labels for industrial use.

Our Quality by Every Measure Extends to Your Brand

The quality of your products plays a major part in the perception of your brand and the business health. At Henry Broch Foods, we understand the critical role we play in your process – you depend on us for superior quality and we take this responsibility very seriously.

We have standard operating procedures to ensure a quality process that is industry leading. Our team invests hundreds of hours in paperwork, requirements, certifications, FSMA’s PCQUI and controls at each point in the process to ensure we achieve the highest quality for you... by every measure.

Quality Standards & Certifications

Vertical Integration and Quality Control

Henry Broch Foods is committed to providing safe, pure and wholesome products that meet the high expectations of our customers. We work hand in hand with our suppliers to vertically integrate production from farm to fork.

  • Our suppliers work only with local growers.
  • Products are grown in the most environmentally friendly and consumer-safe manner possible.
  • All products are treated in plants with BRC "A" Rating, GFSI, HACCP, and third party audit certifications.

Quality Assurance Checks, Rework and Repacking Offered

X-Ray Inspection

  • ​Piece count verification and rejection
  • Contamination rejection – metal, glass, plastic, foreign materials
  • Product weight check under/over weight rejection

Metal Detection & Mesh Screening

  • ​0.8mm and up

Inkjet Coding

  • Rework of existing codes, removal and reapplying
  • Applying new codes to existing packages

Thermal Transfer Printing

  • Ability to print nutritionals, lot codes and product names in high-quality graphics

Earth Magnets

The Henry Broch Foods Production Difference

  • Humidity-controlled warehouse
  • Dedicated humidity-controlled production suites
  • Multiple locations
  • Flexible packaging facility
  • Blending, rework and bottling facility
  • Dedicated production and maintenance staff
  • Dedicated peanut manufacturing facility


  • BRC certified grade "A" rated
  • GMP compliant
  • HACCP trained staff
  • Kosher certified
  • Gluten free certification
  • Organic certified
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